Quote 2 : Vilèm Flusser /The Shape of Things

「塑膠筆唯一的價值就在於其設計 [...] 這設計集合了來自藝術和科學的構想,而這些構想相互交織並創意地互補。但我們很少留意這麼的一種設計,以致塑膠筆常常被當做沒有價值的東西送出去。 」

"The only thing that gives plastic pens any value is their design [...] This design represents a coming together of great ideas, which—being derived from art and science—have cross-fertilized and creatively complemented one another. Yet this is a design we don’t even notice, so such pens tend to be given away free."

- Vilèm Flusser /The Shape of Things