Manuscript Paper <br> 原稿用紙
Manuscript Paper <br> 原稿用紙
Manuscript Paper <br> 原稿用紙

Manuscript Paper

$58.00 HKD

Most people do not have a chance to use manuscript after studying period, probably this minimal manuscript paper from Life bring some nice memory about Chinese classes? Writing on such high quality paper is an amazing experience itself, works well with different types of pens.

Size: 257 x 182mm (B5 / 100 sheets)

自從離開學校以後就很少接觸原稿紙了,也許 life 的這款簡約的原稿紙能勾起一些中文課的記憶?當然在高質的紙張上書寫,本身也是美好的體驗,跟不同的筆配合都表現得很優異。
規格 - 257 x 182mm (B5 / 100枚)