Pass Case <br> 卡片套
Pass Case <br> 卡片套
Pass Case <br> 卡片套
Pass Case <br> 卡片套
Pass Case <br> 卡片套

Pass Case

$135.00 HKD

Light in weight, this pass case is convenient when taking or storing name cards. One can access the cards inside by gently pushing the name card upwards, the gesture is both easy and elegant.

Size: 95 x 60 x 9mm


規格 - 95 x 60 x 9mm


About Katamaku / 關於 Katamaku

Katamaku is established by two Japanese architects. As architects they got in touch with a plastic film, which is usually used on the roof of stadiums such as Tokyo Dome.

This film is applied on the roof because of its unique properties: high density, water and wind proofing, strong and long lasting. However, a lot of leftover is produced from cutting them to fit the shape of the roof. The two architects make use of these residual materials to produce a series of products.

During the manufacturing process of Katamaku, no thread or glue is applied. Each product is made by folding and tenoning. Other than achieving a minimal style, it also fulfill the original goal of being environmental friendly.

Katamaku‭ ‬由兩位日本兩位建築師創立‭‬。‭作爲建築師‭,‭他們接觸到一種塑料薄膜‭,‭通場用在東京巨蛋或者其他大型體育場館的屋頂之上‭。


Katamaku‭ ‬的製作過程中不用任何針線或膠水‭‬。‭ 每個產品都是以摺紙的方式並加上準確的入榫設計而成‭‬。‭除了貫徹品牌簡約的造型以外,‭‬也達到提倡環保的初衷‭。